The Riverfront Research Park is an environment where business and industry can interact with the University of Oregon (UO) for mutual benefit. Research and development divisions, technology companies, and businesses on the leading edge of their fields are target tenants for the Park.

Close proximity to and association with the UO are the primary reasons to locate in the Riverfront Research Park. Special zoning and leasing guidelines ensure that tenant companies enjoy the benefit of this relationship.

The Riverfront Park Special Area Zone and the UO Ground Lease provide additional information on permitted and appropriate uses. In the Eugene City Code, the special area zoning provisions can be found in Sections 9.3700 - 9.3730.

Relationship with the UO
The business will enhance, interact with, or benefit from one or more of the UO's academic units (or other institutions of the Oregon University System), either at the beginning of occupancy or in the reasonably foreseeable future.

Type of Business
The business or industry will engage in research, development or prototype development, authoring of ideas, inventions, intellectual property, services, or products which have a scholarly, educational, or scientific orientation.

Production if Related
Product manufacture, production, or assembly directly related to one of the above uses is permitted, up to a maximum of 40 percent of the gross floor area devoted or applied to the primary use to which the manufacturing, production, or assembly is related.

Support Uses
Accessory and supporting uses are permitted in order to provide for the convenience and support of tenants and their employees in areas of retail, service, housing, and storage needs. Permitted uses include, but are not limited to, activities such as bookstores, office supplies, restaurants, day care, administrative and office support, storage integral to a primary use, and recreational facilities. Such uses are allowed up to 25 percent of the gross floor area within a development site.

Appropriate Tenants
The following factors are considered in determining the appropriateness of Research Park tenants:

  • Will a business complement areas of UO expertise?
  • Will it have a need for or benefit from campus library resources, fiber optics network, or other campus equipment, laboratories, or facilities?
  • Will it employ students or faculty in its research activity?
  • Will it sponsor research, license technology, contribute financially, or otherwise benefit the UO?