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Located side-by-side with UO departments, private tenants are engaged in the fields of neuroscience, biotechnology, behavioral science research, optimization technology, health care, reading program development, and policy and program development for people with disabilities. They enjoy synergistic relationships with UO researchers, faculty and administration.

Student Employment and Internship opportunities exist and individual companies should be contacted for current positions and opportunities. Research Park companies have employed over 400 undergraduate and graduate students in part-time positions.

logo Gagte ResourcesAgate Resources, 1800 MillraceAgate Resources is a privately held company, developing innovative systems for healthcare management, education, products, services and research in ways beneficial for recipients of healthcare, contracting partners, and healthcare providers.



Apropo provides durable medical equipment benefits management to reduce costs, ensure quality, and expedite prior authorization and claims management. Apropo applies its expertise to provide solutions that meet widely varying expectations and brings an ethics-driven dedication and equitable regard to every stakeholder.

Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a community of scholars whose mission is to conduct, translate, and disseminate research that focuses on the solutions and resolutions to serious but practical problems in school systems, including classrooms, schools, special education settings, and school districts. CTL seeks to advance the understanding and use of the most rigorous scientific evidence and research-based practices to prevent and intercept the academic difficulties that many school-aged children experience, particularly in subjects such a beginning reading, reading comprehension, spelling, mathematics, and selected content areas (e.g., social studies). The primary focus of this research group is the role of curriculum, instruction, and assessment as individual elements that interact in school systems. CTL’s research and outreach includes school-based experimental research, model demonstration projects, and large-scale professional development and technical assistance.

Current projects housed in the Research Park within CTL are the:
  • Center to Improve Reading Competence Using Intensive Treatments Schoolwide (CIRCUITS) The overarching goal of CIRCUITS is to implement, evaluate, replicate, and disseminate systemic prevention models that will accelerate and sustain the early reading achievement of students with reading disabilities or at risk of disabilities in grades K-3.

  • DIBELS Data System (DIBELS) This data systems provides web-based support for the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) that are a set of standardized, individually administered measures of early literacy development. These measures are designed to be short one-minute fluency measures used to regularly monitor the development of pre-reading and early reading skills.

cds - brainCerebral Data Systems (CDS) is a company formed from an innovative collaboration of the UO's NeuroInformatic Center (NIC) and Electrical Geodesics, Inc., (EGI), a private company that designs, produces and sells electrophysical neuroimaging equipment and related software. CDS is developing new techniques that allow more precise analysis of brain wave data by eliminating the distortion caused when brain signals pass through the skull to the scalp, where they are picked up by electrodes. These developments could provide a much more accurate map of where electrical activity is occurring in the brain, aiding researchers and physicians in evaluating and treating patients with epilepsy, stroke and other disorders and thereby improving their medical care. It also could be used in developing a better understanding of how the brain acquires and processes information.


dunesci blue & white lines

Dune Sciences offers platform technologies for research at the nanoscale, including a novel tool for aiding analysis of structural, chemical, and functional characteristics at the nanoscale via electron microscopy. Dune's initial product line of Smart Grids™ is a new multi-dimensional characterization platform that allows one to develop the most comprehensive understanding to date of the inner workings of the nanoscale world. In addition, Dune is focused on the development and commercialization of application-specific solutions involving the integration and assembly of molecular building blocks into functional value-added systems in the fields of medicine and energy.

"Your Baby's Brain", baby in sensornet, 'Newsweek' magazineElectrical Geodesics (EGI) is a direct spin-off from research in the UO's Psychology Department Brain Electrophysiology Laboratory and began in the Riverfront Innovation Center. EGI’s research and development teams work on core technologies for assessing brain function to applications of dense–array EEG technology to clinical problems. The success of the patented Geodesic Sensor Net, EEG electrode application is fast, painless and promotes faster exams and greater clinic productivity. EGI’s products allow for accurate measurement of brain activity, which is beneficial in treating strokes, presurgery planning, neonatal monitoring, epilepsy and dementia treatment, and other neurological monitoring. It designs, produces, and sells electrophysical neuroimaging equipment and related software, and employs undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows, serving as a training ground in the field of cognitive neuroscience.

Epic logoEPIC [Educational Policy Improvement Center]  EPIC's mission is to improve educational policy and practices which will increase student success, particularly with students historically underserved by public schools. EPIC conducts a range of policy-related research studies and is distinguished by its pioneering use of state-of-the-art, criterion-based, standards-referenced methods of course and document analysis.


floragenex - sunflower

Floragenex combines an innovative molecular biology technique using next-generation DNA sequencing and bioinformatic analysis tools to provide genetic research services for clients in agriculture, human health and basic research. The company offers a better genetic map to customers seeking to understand the genetics behind unique physical traits in any organism. The target markets are plant breeders and basic research programs that need to more effectively map genetics of their chosen organism.

HPRN logoHealth Policy Research Northwest (HPRN) is an independent not-for-profit entity which performs studies assessing healthcare needs and access to healthcare resources. HPRN conducts research on the factors affecting the safety and outcomes of health care, with emphasis on the effects of health policies, improvement interventions, and methods of delivering health services, providing a source of information useful for health policy decision makers.


Independent Professional Services is a Credentials Verification Organization that performs credentialing services for healthcare professionals for several types of organizations and facilities including hospitals, surgery centers, and all types professionals including MDs, DOs, DMo, DDs and Allied Health Providers.

saurus skeletonsKaibridge, Inc. creates 3D digital animation for scientific visualizations and video games. It uses a proprietary technology platform that allows animators to mimic the spontaneity of life while decreasing production time and costs. The company also developed the award-winning "Save the Dinos" children's game for the PC, building it with the DinoMorph engine. Kaibridge is a spin-out of the University of Oregon Computer and Information Science Department.



Physician with patientlogo Lane Individual Practice AssociationLane Individual Practice Association (LIPA) is an inclusive physician organization that strives to foster through physician leadership, a cooperative environment in which participating physicians can provide and improve community access to high quality cost effective medical care for Oregon Health Plan patients.

Marker Gene Technologies, vialslogo Marker Gene TechnologiesMarker Gene Technologies (MGT), another company which started in the Research Park, was founded by an adjunct faculty member in the UO's Department of Chemistry. The company explores, develops, manufactures, and supplies biopharmaceuticals, reagents and molecular biology products for use in medical research and industrial biotechnology.  MGT collaborates with a number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies on successful, proprietary, and patented projects.  They also conduct business with the UO Monoclonal Antibody Facility and the Oregon Veterinary Services and Animal Care Facility at the UO.

MitoSciences, mito lotsMitoSciences, a spin-off from the UO's Monoclonal Antibody Facility specializing in mitochondrial structure and function, has licensed through the UO over 50 unique monoclonal antibodies against mitochondrial proteins. As an active research participant in the areas of genetic mitochondrial diseases, mitochondrial dysfunction from neurodegenerative diseases, mitochondria involvement in cancer and apoptosis, environmental toxins, oxidative stress, and side effects of therapeutic drugs, MitoSciences provides the best monoclonal antibodies in the world while providing experienced researchers that understand the nature of this research and can help maximize research efforts.

neuroinformatics geminiNeuroinformatics Center (NIC) brings advanced informatics to brain research. In the near term, NIC will demonstrate the capability of creating a high-resolution finite element model of human head tissues, which will be used in the analysis of brain function by integrating information from EEG and MRI sources. Over the longer term, the NIC will develop the informatics resources required to integrate structural MRI with dense-array EEG for medical applications such as acute ischemic stroke. Funded in part by the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Command, the NIC is interested in providing access to neuroinformatics technology over the internet. It brings together outstanding Oregon researchers in cognitive neuroscience and high-performance computational science with a leading Oregon company specializing in advanced, high-density EEG recording, analysis, and medical applications.


Office for the Protection of Human Subjects assumes the responsibility to ensure that federal, state and local guidelines are met for the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects who participate in research and other activity projects conducted by faculty, staff, and students at the UO. The university maintains two institutional review board competent to review research involving human subjects and to evaluate both risk and protection against risks for those subjects.

Office for Responsible Conduct of Research (ORCR) The conduct of research at the University of Oregon is governed by the rules and policies promulgated by several jurisdictions—the Federal and State governments, the Oregon University System, as well as the UO Senate and Administration. The overarching goal of the Office for the Responsible Conduct of Research is to play a leadership role in fostering a culture of research integrity and compliance at the University with a focus on education, training, and technical assistance. The ORCR also serves as the institution's research standards office in matters of conflict of interest, misconduct in research and responsible conduct of research.

Office of Research Services and Administration, UO logo Office of Research Services and Administration (ORSA) provides assistance to the faculty who seek, obtain, and manage grants and contracts in support of their research, instructional programs, and public service projects.



OregonPDF in Health & Performance maintains a collection of over 10,733 health and performance dissertations and theses on their website.

ORI logoOregon Research Institute (ORI) is internationally known as a leader in the conduct of socially relevant research. ORI's work makes significant contributions to understanding the causes, prevention, and treatment of social and medical problems including adolescent depression, childhood behavioral problems, tobacco and other substance use, and chronic physical illness. Research projects housed in the Riverfront Research Park include studies on adolescent depression, adolescent physical activity and prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses. Some ORI administrative offices are located in the Riverfront Research Park.


ParaTools provides consulting expertise in the area of parallel and distributed computing, and performance evaluation tools.



StateStatelogic designs and manufactures electronic data acquisition solutions for industrial and scientific measurement purposes. These devices convert electrical signals from a wide range of sensor types into digital data that my be stored and displayed. In addition to the standard product line, Statelogic consults and designs to customer requirements that are often cost effective even in low quantities. The core philosophy of Statelogic is expressed in the products which are versatile and convenient to use.

Technical Assistance and Consulting Services/Western Regional Resource Center (TACS/WRRC) provides technical assistance to state education and federal agencies to assist and support them in systemic improvement policies, procedures and practices which will result in quality programs and services for children with disabilities and their families. It offers consultations, technical assistance, training, product development and information services, including research.

Trillium Community Health Plan logoTrillium Community Health Plan

A health care resource of health care providers that strives to deliver the best possible coverage at the lowest price delivering comprehensive service with greater efficiency and innovation

Technology Transfer, microscope in the labTechnology Transfer helps university inventions successfully make the transition from academia to the commercial marketplace. The office identifies promising early-stage research with strong commercial potential, brings in investors and support from corporate partners, and moves aggressively to license inventions to an existing company or to a spin-off company for further product development.


VizMe logoVizMe is a rich content marketing platform that allows marketers to increase consumer engagement by quickly and easily adding rich content to their inbound marketing efforts. The Vizme platform runs on Vizme's Agility Content Marketing Engine, which is patent pending, allowing for rapid, extensible deployment of new products and formats as well as continual improvement of existing ones. With Vizme any organization, large or small, can use engaging rich media content to increase awareness and drive consumer action.

Zebrafish Information Network (zebrafish)Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN) is a web-based, worldwide resource that serves as a centralized location for the curation and integration of zebrafish genetic, genomic and developmental data. The zebrafish has emerged as a model organism important for the identification and characterization of genes and pathways involved in development, organ function, behavior and disease. ZFIN provides an integrated representation of mutants, genes, genetic markers, mapping panels, publications, and community contact data.



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